Feng Shui Can Change Your Life!

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Sometimes it seems as if no matter what we do, success, love or money is far away and unobtainable. Is it bad luck, karma, our parent’s fault, our horoscope? Maybe. But what if the space in which you live or the place where you work is causing all the trouble?

If you could improve your life by buying a few goldfish, hanging a mirror or changing the month on the calendar, would you take the time to do it? Of course you would do whatever it takes to improve life. Consider these events:
An unemployed woman hangs a mirror behind her stove. In a few days, she is hired for a new job.

After months of writer’s block, an author moves his desk chair so he faces the door instead of having his back to it. Within a week, he completes the novel.

A widower plants some red flowers near his front door. In a matter of hours, a friendly neighbor stops by to flirt and give him a pie.

Frustrated by trying to sell a house for over a year, a homeowner fixes the broken gate. Within days, the house is sold.

Coincidence? No. Feng Shui. Feng shui, pronounced fung shway is an ancient Chinese practice based on the ideas that the space you inhabit is alive with energy and this energy influences what happens to you in life. There is energy around you all the time wherever you are. When the energy is good, life is good. When the energy is bad, anything can happen. Feng shui helps you change the energy, your luck and your life.

Anyone who has ever tried to change will tell you that changing inner attitudes and behavior is a slow and difficult process. For over 5,000 years, the Chinese have known that the reverse order works quicker. Change your perception of the outside world and inner change will soon follow. What is without is within. What is within is without.
Sensitive people respond to energy all the time whether they realize it or not.

Doctors advise a “change of scenery” to a distressed patient;

  • a friend suggests a change of hairstyle or the purchase of a luxury item to “make you feel better”;
  • consultants specialize in creating positive images for public personalities;
  • color advisors use scientific studies to support their claims that colors create change;
  • flowers brighten up the sick room;
  • fans circulate stale air; bells announce the presence of visitors.

We’re always trying to improve life with little things, but we tend to perform such acts unconsciously. Think of what benefits might be gained by changing the space with conscious awareness. There are many little things you can do to improve your home or office and subsequently, your good fortune. Just say to yourself, “I am doing this to bring in good luck, love, money — ” whatever, when you place flowers around, clean a closet or arrange your furniture.


Energy is just like a friend. It has a personality and a behavior pattern just like you do but it needs to be nurtured, encouraged, directed and guided through your space. It prefers circulating air, light, reflections and living things like plants and animals. It doesn’t like dark, cramped spaces where energy cannot flow; dead or dying plants or dirty, messy places. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to clean and organize your space. A messy space confuses the issues of your life and the mere act of cleaning out a closet can help organize your thoughts.

Energy is always in motion. It naturally moves forward in curved lines so that when it is squeezed or compressed into straight lines, it can act like an arrow being shot from a bow, stabbing and wounding whatever is in its path. Straight lines from streets, corridors, corners of walls, square furniture, the straight shadows from tress or poles. These straight lines disturb the energy within the space creating pressure, tension, conflict and anxiety in homes and offices.

A computer programmer was very tense and complained that the constant criticism from other employees was the root of her stress. Her desk was near a square column, the edges of which were directed towards her. When she received a postcard showing a mother lion and her cubs, she placed it casually against the in-out box on her desk with the picture facing the square column. This symbolically absorbed the “secret arrow” from the square column. Soon she become more relaxed and everyone in the office started complimenting her and joking with her.

It’s fairly easy to find and protect the space from secret arrows. If you can remove the “secret arrow” do so. When this is impossible, cover the angle with a scarf of piece of fabric. If you see the “arrow” from a window, cover the window with a curtain. Another solution is to create a symbolic barrier between you and the “secret arrow” by using plants, objects, pots, boxes, filing trays, postcards — anything that is appropriate to the space and is available will do. Size does not matter. Sometimes a small object works as well as a large one. A popular antidote is to place a mirror, reflective side towards the offending angle, to deflect the “secret arrow” by sending it back to its source.

Energy enters through the main entry, which should be in proportion to the building. If the door is too small for the building, not enough energy can enter. Life is depressed. Problems accumulate. To enlarge a small entry door, hang mirrors on the interior wall on either side of the door. A wind chime hanging near the open end of the door will symbolically increase the size of the door. The door must open smoothly and as wide as possible. Remove obstacles from in front of or behind the door. An unemployed woman had placed a file cabinet behind the door. As she was moving the cabinet out of the way, the phone rang with an offer of a good job.

Make sure the doorknob turns smoothly and the locks are in good condition. When bells are gung on or near a door, they announce the presence of anyone entering the room providing an instant security system.

Once the energy enters through the front door, it must exit from another door or window as far away from the entry door as possible — preferably on an adjacent wall. If the entry and exit doors (or windows) are directly opposite each other, hang a wind chime from the ceiling in the path between the two doors. To attract more activity, hang a wind chime near the door.


Whenever possible, try to imitate nature in every space you occupy by including all five of the Chinese elements:

  1. Wood;
  2. Fire;
  3. Earth;
  4. Metal; and
  5. Water

You can work either with the basic material of the element itself or the color or shape that corresponds to it.


Represents creativity and growth. You can use anything that grows like plants, flowers, trees and food. Its color is green and its shape is rectangular, like a tree. Plants and flowers, living, artificial or symbolic can add good energy to any space instantly. Round leaf plants are reminiscent of money and can be placed in an upper left hand corner of the main room to bring in instant cash. Pointed leaf plants should not be placed in this area but could be used in dark, cramped corners to punch holes in the energy helping it flow. To cultivate good luck, place flowers in the bedroom, study a kitchen. Plants and vases of flowers tied with red ribbons are said to bring luck.


Represents intelligence and passion. Work with lights, heat and implements of fire like lighters, matches and light bulbs. Its color is red, orange, pink and purple. Its shape is triangular, like a flame. Human and animal lives are included in the Fire category. Ever notice the ever presen6t aquarium in a Chinese restaurant? That’s because fish, alive or symbolic, are considered magical. They have been known to facilitate real estate sales, increase business, bring in love and protect the space form burglars. Use three or more fish and mix the colors. If a fish dies, replace it immediately.


Represents security and safety. Work with anything that comes from the earth like marble, ceramics, sand or that is made of earth products — like concrete. Its colors come from the earth — yellow, earthy, muddy colors. Its shape is square or box like. To bring the earth element into your life, keep a rock on your desk and it will help you concentrate and focus. Use rocks near the entry to add solidarity to the family. Make little symbolic mountains in your garden and contemplate eternal stillness.


Represents discrimination and release of grief. Work with all metals — gold, sliver, brass, tin, copper and tin foil. Its colors are light blue, gray and white and its shape is round like a coin. Most metals have a reflective quality and reflections or mirrors are very important in creating harmony and balance in space. Mirrors can be magical. They can enlarge a small area, direct energy, brighten a “dead” corner, borrow a pleasant view and give a view of an entry when you have to sit with your back to the door. Mirrors or reflective surfaces hung behind the stove or behind a cash register increases the money flow. Walking between two mirrors expands your horizons. An oval mirror in the bedroom is said to bring love and friendship to the occupant. Just don’t place a mirror directly opposite an entry door or bedroom door, or at the foot of a bed, as the good energy will be sent away.


Represents social interaction. Glass is considered to be a Water material. Its colors are black, dark blues and greens and its shape is irregular or wave lie. Bubbling fountains or calm pools of water bring immediate benefit. A small fountain by the entry door is a sure way to increase cash flow. A still pool of water helps you hold onto resources and calms your mind. A glass bowl with clean water by your bed or desk helps to clarify your thoughts. Images of water and sounds of water can also be used to bring this element into your life.

Remember that the space in which you live or work can affect your well-being and your potential for success. Take a look around you. Do you like what you see? If not, get busy playing Mother Nature and ensure your future success!

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